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Hello guys today, I will explain Hoo earn money online without any investment money and hard work. There are no few ways to earn money online, today I will show you 10 way to earn money online from you respective house. Without wasting any more time. There are many ways to earn money online but we will give suggestions to work online. we will show you the trusted most popular platform to earn money online. There are the top 7 ways to earn money online, which are given below.


Youtube is the most trusted and big platform to earn money online. You can create a youtube channel and start earning without any investment and any resistance. many things give you money like Adsence, Affiliate marketing, sponserships, and memberships. There you can upload video and monetize your video by connecting AdSense. There are many types of categories you should upload video like entertainment, comedy, tech, and many other. Youtube gives many types of feature update apps and there in this time “Youtube shorts”beta are launched. And it is an essay to grow the youtube channel. you can do work on youtube and start earning money online.

Facebook is the biggest platform of social media. it has 1B+ users use it. This is most popular in developing countries. We suggest y, you should start earning money from Facebook. There you can make a Facebook page and Facebook groups. They are many types of Platforms you can earn money like Monetising, affiliate marketing, sponsorship. So you can start uploading videos and photos and start to earn money without any resistance. you can begin.

Blogging is the most popular and greater earn money platform. Google, microshoft, etc is a search engine. As a blogger, you can make easily a website and earn money without any investment. There are also many ways to earn money like Adsence, sponsorship, Affiliate marketing, etc. There you can upload a Blog and starts grow up now

4.Social Media
Social media is pe of the platforms where people interact with are many platforms in the market but I strongly recommended you should do the following 5 trusted online platforms.

5.Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is those agreements where the creator and company promote their product on your platform. There you can do various types of Marketing. There are most popular affiliate marketing platforms are Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz, etc. so began a starts with money from the affiliate program.

6.Creating Software/apps
If you have any knowledge about coding, the software you can stats creating software and apps. In this time software and apps are popular in the government sector, public sector, the organization is started to make a website and apps. there are many ways to start it. It is better than other ideas.


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