Book review-Introduction,Format and Example 2021

A book review is a fair academic commentary of a book which has been published.The writer or reviewer, expert and critic of that concern field,read the book properly and find out the strengths and weakness or problem of book. When we write the book review, the writer should always put following two parts in their book review.

A book review is the part of review section. It helps to people summerize about book in lesser time as well as recommendation to read this book, if it is helpful. you must follow the following strategies to best review of book for your any examination.

Book review writing
book review writing

Preliminary Parts of Book Review

It includes the title,name of writer or author, nane of publisher, date, place, price and page. The title if the book should have the coverage of the whole main theme included in this book. The book should have the author’s backround and name of publisher. Likewise, the date and place of publication should be mentioned in the book review. On the basis of quality, coverage of contents and academic and physical quantity, the price of book should be properly mentioned in this section.

Major Parts of Book Review

It includes the main body of the book. The book reviewer shuold analyse the book in the terms of content to meet the syllabus, picture quality, organization of subject matter, example, illustration, language style, etc.

Example of Book Review

Q. Write a review book you have recently read?

Tittle: Effective Technical Cimmunication
Author: M. Ashraf Ruzvi
Publisher: Tat Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi
Edition: 8th reprint
Price: 400 I.C
Page: 545

Effective Technical Communication” is the most popular book written by M. Ashraf Ruzvi. This book is very useful for those student who want properly know about the any technical field. This books has 8th parts. The 1st part of book properly deals with the nature of technical Communucation,organization in technical communication its doing style. The 2nd part deals with the study of listening comprehension. The 3rd part of the book is deals with speaking strategies in which details explanation over the speech processes ,phonetics and spoken English and spealing technique have been described in very simple language .The 4th part is related with professional speaking.

Similarly,the 5th part is linked with reading and language comprehension. which has the description about the reading process, reading stratrgies and comprehension of a technical materials.The 6th part describe about study skills. which includes the skill development of note making, summarising and paraphrasing and referencing .The 7th part with deals about the writing strategies. Beside this a separate section has been mentioned in the details and price and of functional grammar review,common errors ,vocabulary development has given.

As the author of claims in his preface that the book can be used as self study, resources for text of class ,for refresher or as a supplement by Engineering and Management student of any technical field. It is true to its name andbe very useful for a student of any universities.

Follow the above points and write a review of book.

  1. Write a review of book you have recently read?
  2. Write a book review of your english text book?
  3. Write a review of book of a ‘Succes in life’?

1) How to write a review of Book?

In writing a review of book you can follow the two main points.
a. Preliminary parts (tittle, author, publisher, price, edition, page)
b. Major parts(main theme, description, review)

2) Why we need to know how to write a review of book?

In the 2021, Learning is most important parts of life which are online or offline. People wants know about recent things, but they donot know which book is perfect for me. and other is, if you read a book, but how to calculate how muchyiu leaen frim thus book. So,above two factors are main to writing a review of book.

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