Oxygen Cylinder Shortage ~ Oxygen Shortage

In this pandemic situation overall 2021, we heard the problem Oxygen Cylinder Shortage .People are dead due to shortage of ixygen in hospital. South Asian country like India, Nepal ,etc have much more problem of this. At first we know, why we need oxygen in critical situation? When we affected by covid-19 then our emmunity … Read more

IOE Entrance Exam 2078-79 Exam Date

Hello, future engineers. Many of you asked me when IOE entrance is conducted but I am sorry because the official notice wasn’t out but at this time notice is out. so, I will share this notice with you. Officials of the TU Engineering Entrance exam said that the exam will be conducted in magh this … Read more


Advertisement is a branch of media through which information notice about any production of the company or any institution is published to the common people. It plays a vital role to facilitate any business. the attractive advertisement is mainly published in the newspaper, magazines, or through Radio, TV, or films. Similarly, an organization requires various … Read more

Newspaper Article Writing – Format, Parts and Example

Newspaper Article writing

A. Introduction The term Newspaper Article writing refers to a piece of writing about an event or any particular subject matter in the magazine. It can be found in the form of story, news report and news article. B. Parts of News Article 1.Headline The headline of the news article is the tittle that shows … Read more

Best IOE Entrance Preparation Class at Clamphook -Clamphook review

Hello friends, Good news for all IOE aspirants and preparing students. Clamp hook is started Entrance classes for IOE examination. It is the best solution to pandemics’ situation with the next solution of our happiness. Only Rs.6000 we can prepare IOE entrance exam at Clamphook Academy. IOE pulchowk passed students as well as studying students … Read more

Pilot Study – 6 steps to make sucessful pilot in 2021

One of the most popular and most wanted subject of world is Pilot study. But it isn’t easiy subject and not easiy to go through it. It is a heart blowing work and subject. In first stage, you are prepared physically fit and psychologically healthy. It is a simple and natural like things. Become a … Read more

Mechanical Engineering – Scope and job offertunity

Mechanical Engineering is also one of the most scopable and highly paying Engineering subject in the world. More people interested to read it. It have high job offertunity as well as Bright future. I am saying in every Blog in my site Every subject have bright future, if you work smartly and time to time. … Read more

IOE(Institude of Engineering) Exam 2078

Here,we can say something about IOE entrance exam 2078 according to 2077.But we hear something new for this exam. This is “Common Entrance Exam”.Last year (not conducted) ,IOM exam are modeling in Common entrance exam. Don’t worry about that we new update come ,we will say that. Which can see in Helplr new posts. In … Read more