Lowery and Brostated Concept about Acid and Base

Lowery and Brostated Concept about Acid and Base explains the nature of acid and base. Arhneouse concept explain the acid and base only with in water solvent. To overcome to limitation,Lower and Bronstated joinly developed a new concept about acid and base called Lowery and Brostated Concept about Acid and Base. According to this concept … Read more

Class 12 Most Important Question Of Chemistry For NEB 2021

Here, we discuss about Most important Question of chemistry for NEB 2021 in below. Benzene 1. General methods of preparation of benzene. 2. Write short note on friedel craft reaction. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 1. Describe the lab preparation of chloroform (trichloromethane). 2. Write any three general methods of preparation of chlorobenzene. Why does it gives … Read more

Arrhenious Concept of Acid and Base

Statements This concept is the oldest concept to explain about acid and base.According to Arrhenious concept,acid are those of substance which produce hydrogen ion (H+ions) in water.strong acid are those acid which completely ionized into its ions and produce high concentration of hydrogen ion.weak acid are those Acid which partially ionized into its ions in … Read more

Define Titration & Mention it’s Types? Details of Process

Titration It is a technique for an experimental process used to determine the strength of unknown solution by reacting it is standard solution in presenc of (usually) third chemical substances is called indicator. During titration, of known volume of unknown solution is taken in a conical flask with the help of eieepte. Another standard solution … Read more

What is Fat or oil /Lipids?

Lipids are very important biomolecules  of Living Organisim. They are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvent like alcohol,Esters and chloroforms ,etc. chemically,they are esters of fatty acid and glycerol or monohydric  alcohol. On the basis of molecular structure lipids are three types. 1)simple lipids 2)phospho lipids 3)wax 1)simple lipids: They are triesters  of … Read more