Advertisement is a branch of media through which information notice about any production of the company or any institution is published to the common people. It plays a vital role to facilitate any business. the attractive advertisement is mainly published in the newspaper, magazines, or through Radio, TV, or films. Similarly, an organization requires various … Read more

leaflet writing -Format and Example|6 Method of Preparing Leaflet/brochure

It is a part of free writing in English. It is a most daily useable parts of English. Essay Writing – Format, Tips and Example Introduction of Leaflet/brochure The term ‘leaflet’ represents a piece of information written about places and events of historical cultural, social, religious, tourism importance. It is usually folded sheet of paper … Read more

How to write Instructions or directions + 5 tips to write Instructions/directions in English

When we say or write any kind of suggestions or guidelines these, are called Instructions or directions in English. In this session, we know How to write Instructions or directions and 5 bonus tips to write Instructions/directions in English. let’s do something smart. Introductions of Direction ns/Instructions Its are a list of suggestions or guidelines … Read more

How to write film Review in English -Format and Example of movie/film review

Book review-Introduction,Format and Example 2021 The film review is the visual audio representation of various characters of real or imaginary life. While review the any film, we should put down its strengths and weakness in fair manner.When we review the film we should remember the main theme of story of film and characters who have … Read more

Book review-Introduction,Format and Example 2021

Book review

A book review is a fair academic commentary of a book which has been published.The writer or reviewer, expert and critic of that concern field,read the book properly and find out the strengths and weakness or problem of book. When we write the book review, the writer should always put following two parts in their … Read more

Newspaper Article Writing – Format, Parts and Example

Newspaper Article writing

A. Introduction The term Newspaper Article writing refers to a piece of writing about an event or any particular subject matter in the magazine. It can be found in the form of story, news report and news article. B. Parts of News Article 1.Headline The headline of the news article is the tittle that shows … Read more

Essay Writing – Format, Tips and Example

How to write an essay

A.Introduction An eassy Writing is a long piece of compositiom writing on the subject on which the writer expressed his thinks, thoughts, feelings, and idea about the given topice. It has usually three parts,which are given below. 1.The Introduction or beginning It is a first and the most important part of the quality essay.It helps … Read more

Job Application Letter- Format ,Parts and Example-Official/Formal Letter 2021

Job application letter

The job application letter is written in reply to an advertisement when we need a job. The most common parts used in a Job Application is given below. 1.The Heading The heading is a about to combined from of the address of the writer and the date when the letter has written. It is written … Read more

Personal Letter/ Informal Letter – Parts,Format and example of Personal Letter

A letter is a common method of communication between a sender and receiver. Personal letter is used to communicate two friends, relatives family members and other single people. All personal letter is informal. so, begin the topic with intructions. Introduction A letter is sent as a theme of communicate between two people who are stay … Read more