Conservative Force and Non-Conservative Force

In previous blog, we have discussed that whenever one form of energy disappears, an equivalent energy appears in some other forms. In here Conservative Force and Non-Conservative Force we discuss. Some of these new forms of energy can be retraced in their previous forms while others can’t be retraced. For example ; when you throw … Read more

Class 12 Most Important Question Of Physics For NEB examination 2021

Class 12 Most Important Question Of Physics For NEB examination 2021 list are given below. 1. Equation for a progressive wave?2 The Newton’s Formula for velocity of sound in air with Laplace’s Correction? 3. Wave front and Wavelets ? Describe it Clear Concept with Difference between them ? 4. Light wave and Sound wave ? … Read more

Bohr’s Atomic Model

Bohr’s Atomic model is a model about Atomic structure. Niels Henrik David Bohr established a theory and give by Bohr. Bohr put forward two impotant postulates for the atomic structure. Postulate number 1. Electron in an atom always revolve around the nucleus in a fixed stationary Orbit.These are called permitted Orbit or permissible Orbit.Angular momentum … Read more

Measurment of Planck’s Constant and Verification of Photoelectric Equation

Scientist Milikon’s first measure the value of Planck constsnt(h) with a experiment Measurement of Planck’s Constant and Verification of Photoelectric Equation by Millikon’s Apparatus. The above diagram is simplified sketch of Millikon’s apparatus of value of Planck’s Constant. The apartments consists of highly cylindrical glass tube having electron collecting plate ‘A’ and emiting plate ‘C’. … Read more

Helium-Neon Laser and Application of Laser beam

Laser is (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a device which produce light beam of following characterstics. monochromatic highly coherance highly intense unidirectional propagation Helium-Neon Laser Helium-Neon laser device is the best Apartments for commercial production of laser beam. The device consists of cylindrical glass tube having length 15mm breath 5 mm. The … Read more

Production of X-rays by Modern Coolidge Tube

Production of X-rays by Modern Coolidge Tube is best apparatus for the production of X-Ray safely and cheaply as 1) It can be produce x-ray for long time. 2)This can be operated in small voltage and large voltage(100V-2000V). 3)Quality and intensity of x-ray both can be controlled in the coolidge tubes. Modern coolidge tube consists … Read more

de-Broglie Hypothesis and it’s Derivation

According to phenomena like reflection,refraction,interference, light is wave nature.but according to phenomena like black body radiation, Photoelectric effect ,light radiation is particles nature. so,light exhibits both characters i.e. wave nature and particle nature. This two nature is first analysed by de-broglie and gave a hypothesis. This hypothesis is called de-broglie hypotgesis. According to de-broglie’s, the … Read more

X-rays/Defintion, Production,properties and Uses of X-rays

X-rays are the electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength ranging from 10^-12 to 10^-9 .According to penetration power of X-Ray ,there are two category of X-rays , soft x-ray and hard x-ray. #Shoft X-ray: shoft X-ray is comparatively lower frequency ,lower penetration power and higher wavelength. #Hard X-ray:Hard X-ray is comparatively higher frequency, higher penetration … Read more

Cathode Rays and it’s Properties

Cathode rays the invisible negatively charged particle emitted from the cathode, when potential difference across electrodes of tube is 15 KV and air pressure inside it is 0.01mm of Hg. Cathode rays are negative charge particles, they are emitted from cathode. cathide rays are produces form anode when the electricity in there is 15KV and … Read more