Class 12 Most Important Question Of Physics For NEB examination 2022

Class 12 Most Important Question Of Physics For NEB examination 2022 list are given below.

Class 12 Imp Questions of Physics

1. Equation for a progressive wave?
2 The Newton’s Formula for velocity of sound in air with Laplace’s Correction?
3. Wave front and Wavelets ? Describe it Clear Concept with Difference between them ?
4. Light wave and Sound wave ? Describe Difference betwern them?
5. Beat and Beat frequency
6. Laws of transverse vibration in stretched strings
7. Open Organ Pipe and Close Organ Pipe
8. Doppler Effect
9. Pressure amplitude
10. Reflection and refraction using Huygens Principle
11. Polarization for SQ
12. Young’s Double Slit Experiment
13. Foucault’s and Michelson’s Experiment for Numerical and Derivation too
14. Mechanism of Metallic Conductor
15. Shunt : Definition and Concept
16. Kirchhof’s law
17. Series and Parallel Combination
18. Principle of Potentiometer
19. Seebeck experiment
20. Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis with verification
21. Biot and Savart Law: Different condition
22. Ampere Circuital law for Derivation and Numerical
23. What is Eddy Current? Write down its uses.
24. Choke coil and why it is preferred?
25. Theory and working of AC generator
26. Laws of Electromagnetic Induction
27. Define Watless Current.
28. Millikan’s Oil drop experiment
29. JJ Thomson Experiment
30. Electric Field and Magnetic Field for Numerical
31. Energy of hydrogen orbit
32. Stopping Potential and Threshold Frequency
33. Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment and its importance
34. P-type, N-type Semi conductor
35. PN Junction
36. Logic Gates concept
37. Nanotechnology

Above all topics are very very important in NEB examintion of physics for 2021.In this pandemic situation and last year of old course, most of take from important topics.

In 2020 NEB examination of physics Questions asked 40 marks at that pandemic .we think it also happen in this year.

Above given topics are also important in our other examination like IOE, IOM, BSC CSIT. so, who want prepare such high level examination, they can study such field deply.

Lastly , we say all of you, best prepare for you incoming NEB examination.Good bye for now.

1)Can all of above questions are important for NEB examination?

Yes,all of above questions are important for NEB examination.

2)What you prefer to read above question?

Ues, it is very imp questions for your exsmination.

Best of luck for all of you

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