Engineering in Pokhara University(PU) -2nd choice for Engineering Ispirants

Engineering at PU

Hello everyone, I guess you are in confusion like that, “if I can’t get top rank in Engineering Entrance of Tribhubhan university What I do?” Many students of us have this same problems or confusion. Yes, This have many these solutions amoug us, first one is Loss a year and try in next year, second one is get admission in private college affiliated to TU, and last one is not least that is Get admission in other university of Nepal like Pokhara University(PU), Purbhanchal University, Mid-western University, Western Univetsity.

Yes, Today in this Article we will talk about the main solutions of this problem. We will talk about Engineering at Pokhara university.
Pokhara University is Second main choice for students who want to became an Engineer.

Pokhara university(PU) is the second largest university in Nepal, third ranked university of Nepal and 7440 ranked University in World. There are two types of Entrance Exam in pokhara University , first for Full Scholarship and Second for Paying.

The first type of Entrance exam is mainly dedicated to get scholarships in Bachelor in Engineering at Pokhara university(PU). This Entrance exam is mainy for who passed his/her 6-10 schooling by government school. I mean that it is high chance to get scholarships in pokhara university who passed from goverment school. It have low chance to get scholarships in PU, who passed her/his school level by Private school.

  1. Entrance Exam For Scholarships at PU

Scholarship entrance exam of Pokhara university(PU) less tough than IOE Entrance Exam. It have total 140 marks each 1marks question asked us. They are from 45 Mathematics, 40 Physics, 25 Chemistry and 20 English question. In this entrance exam Scientific calculator(Non-programmable+normal scientific calculator) is not allowed in here. This exam isn’t computer based, it is a Normal pen-paper based Exam. And it time is 3 hours.

There are 491 scholarship quota in PU for Engineering faculty at 2078. It have 2 constitutional college and 12 Affiliated colleges where students studying Engineering. They have following engineering faculty.

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Civil and rural Engineering
  5. Architecture
  6. Information technology Engineering
  7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  8. Eletronics and Communication Engineering
Scholarship quota Available at PU

2. Entrance Exam for Paying at PU,

Pokhara University(PU) is conduct Entrance Exam for paying studies at central campus. Where the fee structure is around 4 lakh 36 thousand. This exam is only for study in central campus. To study in other constitution college and affiliates college, you must give exam in respective college. This is different things than Tribhubhan University(TU) IOE. For more information about paying admission at PU, you can reseach and watch vedioes on YouTube.

Thank you😀 friend for studying this article at the end. This is my personal experience, I was also gave this exam. Lastly, if you think that it is also helpful to other your friends, please don’t forget to share this article. Again thanks❤.

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