Essay Writing – Format, Tips and Example


An eassy Writing is a long piece of compositiom writing on the subject on which the writer expressed his thinks, thoughts, feelings, and idea about the given topice. It has usually three parts,which are given below.

How to write an essay
essay writing

1.The Introduction or beginning

It is a first and the most important part of the quality essay.It helps to reader what can we write in here and how to introduce the given topics. It have a definition or general information and so on. The main purpose to write the introduction in eassy is to draw the attention of readers.

2.The Body or Middle Part

It is the second and also the most necessary part of the essay. In this part, the writer develops the theme or the main subject matter and presents the central ideas of the topics.

3.Conclusion or the Ending

It is to sum up the subject or theme more effectivey. It may contain the writers their own way or ideas.

Some Useful tips to Writing Essays

  1. Before you start writing an essay, you should think about the topic on the subject on which you are going to write.
  2. Try to write the points one after another when the idea comes into your mind.
  3. Arrange the points in a logical order .
  4. Then write the points in the form of paragraph. One Idea or thoughts should be written in the one paragraph .When you changed the idea of thoughts create another paragraph .
  5. Write the introduction and the ending interesting and naturally.Do not write the complex word thinking it will make your essay weightly .Away suse simple words and short sentences.
  6. Use the words in which you are familiar. if you are not sure the meaning and correct spelling donot write them.
  7. Don’t use the same words repeatedly and write grammatically and correctly.
  8. After writing go through it carefully and correct the errors if there was.

Example of Essay

a. Write an essay on your Aims and Objectives of Life.

Ans, Everybody has an aim in his life. Life without aim is not different than animals because he can’t reach to final destiny of life at all without it. if the human being is senseless ,works amilessly and behaves without reasoning ,can’t get his final destiny,he can’t reach anywhere successfully. One cannot know ,correctly ,where to go and what to do in absence of aim. if we decide to get a succession in life we must have to work with concrete aims.

As we can not score a goal if we kick a ball randomly in the playground, likewise we can’t get success in life .if we work aimlessly. if we travel without any final point, we can’t lost in the middle of the location .Like this we can’t get success in life at all if we do in works randomly ,and we gain frustation in life that takes towards the crime. A man without any aim is just like a ship without scale and boat without boatman or horse without halter .Therefore, aim is one and only the thing that it provides our future and success and failure of the future depends on it.

Some people aim to earn Money hoping to become rich to have a luxurious life.But others aim to get the power in your hand to dominate other and rule over them. many of us aim to acquire knowledge to become of educated people .My aim is near to this just like above talking category because I want to become an engineer in my future .while power and passion do not attempt to me they are just the meaning less thing for me. Aim differs from person to person .so, my aim is also different than the one and the single aim is to serve my country is a good and skilled engineer .

Too much of wealth and power can makes us one a big man in stupid society ;but not reputed in an intellectual world. if one believes in Money and military power he fails to become a good citizen. Only being a big man no one can be a good man .A teacher; for example ,is a simple man ,but he is good man not only because his learnt but because you gives knowledge to others. A Minister also may not be a great unless he is good for his people and faithful to his country.

Talking about the social services ,I know teacher and social work services are not well paid, and as such they are not respected well in society .I think money is not the main consideration in life;but what is the great in social prestige .simple living and high thinking should be the way of life for a person who choose such career.

My aim is to become an engineer with the missionary zeal.A true engineer is a builder of country and in architect of national destiny. I shall be the great engineer, good character like doctor, professor, teachers, philosophers and statesman

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