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Hello Guys, In this blog I will teach you some Important full form for our daily life. Its all full form are most important in all our exams. In fact nobody tell us What is the full form of this word. Witout delay Get starts.

Words Full Form Word
MBBSBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
LANLocal Area Netword
PHDPDoctor of Philosoply
MBAMaster of Business Administration
PDFPortable Document Format
URLUniform Resource Locator
ATMAutomatic Tailer Machine
Wi-FiWireless Fidelity
AidsAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
CEOCheif Executive Officer
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
GPSGlobal Posotioning System
ComputerCommon operating machine purposely Used for trade, education Research
etcEt cetera
GDPGross Domestic Product
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
RNARibonucleic Acid
PMPrime Minister
CMCenter Minister
CCTVClosed-Circuit Television
GoogleGlobal Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth
wwwWorld Wide Web
HLLHigh Level Language
LLLLow Level Language
KBKilo Bytes
MBMega Bytes
GBGiga Bytes
MevMega Electron Volt
LinkListen Intereact Network And Knowladge
BEBalcheor in Engineering
IOMInstitude of Medical
IOEInstitude of Engineering
VirusVital Information Resource Under Seized.
USBUniversal Serial Bus.
ISP Internet Service Provider
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
HTTPsHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
IP Internal Protocol
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
CDCompact Disk
RAMRandom Access Memory
ROMRead Only Memory
CPUCentral Processing Unit
I/OInput and Output

Full Form of other Terms which are related to technical terms such as Technology.

PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory
EPROM : Erasable PROM
EEPROM : Electrically EPROM
HDD : Hard Disk Drive
FDD : Floppy Disk Drive
CD : Compact Disk
DVD : Digital Video Disk
SMPS : Switch Mode Power Supply
POST : Power ON Self Test
BIOS : Basic Input Output System
VDU : Visible Display Unit
LED : Light Embedded Diode
LCD : Liquid Crystal Display
USB : Universal Serial Bus
VGA : Video/Visual Graphic Adapter
LAN : Local Area Network
WAN : Wide Area Network
MAN : Metropolitan Area Network
HLL : High Level Language
LLL : Low Level Language
MIPS : Million of Instruction Per Second
Mbps : Mega Bytes Per second
Kbps :Kilo Bytes per second
HTTP : Hyper Text Templates
WWW : World Wide Web
IP : Internet Protocol
ISP : Internet Service Provider
HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
IP : Internet Protocol.
URL :  Uniform Resource Locator.
USB : Universal Serial Bus.
VIRUS : Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
3G : 3rd Generation.
GSM :  Global System for Mobile Communication.
CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access.
UMTS : Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
SIM : Subscriber Identity Module.
AVI : Audio Video Interleave
RTS : Real Time Streaming
SIS = Symbian OS Installer File
AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
JAD = Java Application Descriptor
JAR = Java Archive
JAD = Java Application Descriptor
3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project
3GP =  3rd Generation Project
MP3 =  MPEG player 
MP4 = MPEG-4 video file
AAC = Advanced Audio Coding
GIF = Graphic Interchangeable Format.
4 Bits = 1 Nibble
8 Bits = 1 Byte
1024 Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte ( KB )
1024 KB = 1 Mega Byte ( MB )
1024 MB = 1 Gyga Byte ( GB )
1024 GB = 1 Tera Byte ( TB )
1024 TB = 1 Peta Byte ( PB )
1024 PB = 1 Exa Byte ( EB )
1024 EB = 1 Zetta Byte ( ZB )
1024 ZB = 1 Yotta Byte ( YB )


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