How to write film Review in English -Format and Example of movie/film review

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The film review is the visual audio representation of various characters of real or imaginary life. While review the any film, we should put down its strengths and weakness in fair manner.When we review the film we should remember the main theme of story of film and characters who have negative anf positive characters. We should aslo remember the characters name.

Film/movie review writing
film review writing

While the review the film/movie we also known that music style, backrounds, lessons. The following points should be taken into consideration while review the movie/film.

a. Plot

The term’plot’ means the events of the play or drama. The film reviewer or writer should analyse how the events have been sequenced. There must be a regular flow of the story in movie or film.

b. Characters and role

The film reviewer or review writer sholud analyse how to actors, actress, villains have performed their roles in the film. Whether their performance are suitable acoording to their roles or not, that should be judged.

c. Backround Scene

The film reviewer also should analyse the natural and artificial scened acoording to contextof the theme or story of film or movie.

d. Music, Songs and Dance

The film reviewer should analyse the film in terms of music, songs and dance. If music, songs and dance are not suitable according to theme ir context of story. The audience don’t like it.

e. Lesson

The film is expectedto give some lessond to the public. The film reviewer should analyse whether the film is sucessful to give lesson or not. It is a main factor of watching movie or film.

Write  a film review of Nepali movie ‘Jhola‘ in in 200 words?

Title     :     Jhola

Director    : Yadav Kumar Bhattarai

Producers   : Raj Timalsina, Ram gopal Thapaand, sushil shah

Starring    : Garima panta, Desh Bhakya khanal, Sujal Nepal, Laxmi giri and Deepak chhetri

Genre       : Social

Duration  : 90 minutes

Language  : Nepali

Release Date : 7th December 2013

‘Jhola’ is Nepali film based on Krishna Dharawasi’s Short ‘Jhola’. It had depicted Nepali society about the Sati tradition that was prevalent until the 1920. The film has beautifully presented to issue of violence against woman.” Has Nepali society really a passed through such inhuman tradition?’ is the question every youngstar wonders about.

The plot develops with the death of Garima’s husband in which she has to immolate herself from her husband death. Typically on his funeral pyre. She is supposed to be burnt alive with dead body of her husband. According to the tradition however, she escapes the fire and hides in a cave. The help of her son fascinates the audience.

Almost all the scenes seem realistic and historical. Tradition tools like ‘Dhiki’ ,’janto’,’Madani’,etc. give the tradional look in the film. Similarly, tradional lights like ‘ranko’, ‘diyalo’ and fire place represents ancient environment to the specatators. In addition to Sati tradition, the film also touches ‘Kamara Kamari’ tradition. What a scene in the film. What a beautiful cinematography it is! I think constumes of the artists and the leaf music in traditional tone touches the heart of every one presents in cinema hall. Garima’s natursl appearance, her role snd her acting are spellbound and add to the beauty of the movie.

This is a most watch movie. Don’t miss this one.

Lastly, I will say some important tips to write a review of film is given below

  • Watch Carefully a movie
  • Remember the theme, story, character and lesson of movie
  • Remenber backround, music snd songs
  • Lessons
  • Scene

Finally, I hope you guys you will write a beautiful and attractive review of film. You will practise it regularly to impove the free writing skills. It also depends upon your vocabulary. Thank you guys see you soon.

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