How to write Instructions or directions + 5 tips to write Instructions/directions in English

When we say or write any kind of suggestions or guidelines these, are called Instructions or directions in English. In this session, we know How to write Instructions or directions and 5 bonus tips to write Instructions/directions in English. let’s do something smart.

Write instructions
Instructions writing

Introductions of Direction ns/Instructions

Its are a list of suggestions or guidelines which are given to someone to carry out the work or task. They are very useful for the inexperienced or unknown person to do the works or tasks. Instructions or Directions are usually written in imperative sentences but sometimes the passive statements are also used while giving directions or instructions. The world has become a global village where developments are taking place in different fields such as science, technology, agriculture, medical science, education, etc. For the more effective use of any home appliance, the booklets and leaflets with instructions are given to the reader so that they can read the instructions or directions on how to use the technology i.e. mobile, computer, tablets, rice cooker, washing machine, etc. and can do their work sitting at home.

5 tips to write Instructions/directions in English

  1. Write the title of the topic at the top in bold letter.
  2. Write the directions or instructions using imperative structure as far as possible.
  3. Use simple words to make the reader understand quickly.
  4. Write the sentence systematically i.e. pay attention to the fact that which sentence comes before another sentence.
  5. Don’t use the literary or idiomatic or funny or Jargon word to consult to the dictionary.

Example of Instructions or Directions Writing

Write a set of Instructions for mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

  1. First place the patient on his back on a firm surface.
  2. Then quickly clear out anything from the mouth and throat to prevent obstruction of the air passage.
  3. Extend the patient’s head as far as possible to keep the airway open.
  4. After, that pinch the patient’s nose with your fingers to prevent any leakage.
  5. Seal your mouth around the patient’s mouth so that no air escapes.
  6. Then blow the air into the lungs until the chest is seen to expand.
  7. Remove your mouth quickly to allow passive expiration.
  8. Repeat the process 10-15 times per minute until the patient’s expiration begins again.

Suppose one of your friends phoned you from New bus park, Vishuwa Birgunj. He wants to come to your house. Give directions to him on how he can reach your house.

Directions to reach the house

  1. Come directly to Devkota chowk when you are in the new Bus Park, Vishuwa.
  2. Go straight to the East until you reach Ghantaghar.
  3. Turn left to the main road. The telecommunication is at your left.
  4. Go straight until you reach Mainsthan.
  5. Then after turn right and go straight until you reach Geeta Mandir.
  6. You will find a three-story building to the left side of the road opposite Geeta Mandir.
  7. A three-story building is your destination to reach.

Homeworks for Practise/Exercises

a.Write a set of Instructions or directions to drive the motorcycle.

b. Write a set of instruction to iron the pant.

c. Suppose you know how to make tea. Write a set of instruction for your friends to make a tea.

d. Write a set of instructions or directions are involved in using public telephone box.

e. You are going to organize a hourse race competition for the college boys. Give them instructions about the route competely.

Finally, I will say all you write a Directions or Instructions follow the above tips and example. If you have another problem in this section comment here. I will reply to your comment within a few minutes. Thank you.

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