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Introduction of Leaflet/brochure

The term ‘leaflet’ represents a piece of information written about places and events of historical cultural, social, religious, tourism importance. It is usually folded sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing advertising materials or information of places or thing. Similarly the term ‘brochure’ referes to small booklet or pamphlet which contains picture and information about the somethings especially places, religion, culture,etc.

Format of Writing Leaflet/brochure

a. The Heading

It is most important and essential for the leaflet or brochure writer. To write the names of places things or anything about the top of the page or paper in eye catching letter.

b. Area or Location

The leaflet or brichure writer should maintain the area and location of the places or the thing for which the visitors can easily reached to this places.

c. Backround Information

The leaflet or brochure writer mention its background information such as it is establishment ,brief story and other required requisites. it should be essential for the writing of Leaflet or brochure for know properly about the places or topics.

d. Special Features

The leaflet or brochure writer should mention the silent feature for which the visitor will come to see the sense and things. The aspect of leaflet or brochure pis very important part which draw the attention of tourist and the visitors. it should like the main features ,what should we see in this place like this we should put in this section.

e. Picture and photos

Picture and photos is also in attractive part of leaflet or brochure design that fascinates the visitors or tourist. so,the leaflet or brochure writer should also prints the photo or picture of the place of that things, which is main in this places.

f. Accessibility

The writer must mention how to tourist or visitor can reach there .the air transport and Road Transport should be mentioned with small map from the major cities of the country to access to that right places.

g. Additional information of places

In this,section we must include the rule and regulation ,fee structure and precautions for the tourist or visitor. it also important information on the part of visitor or tourist.

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Example of Leaflet of a places

Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Parsa wildlife reserve was established in 1984 with an area 499 km2 .it occupies part of Chitwan ,Makwanpur, Parsa and Bara Districts in Central Nepal.

The Reserve headquarters is at on the Hetauda birgunj Highway (22 km south of Hetauda 20km North of Birganj).

Parsa wildlife Reserve

The Reserve supports of good population of resident wild elephant, tigers leopard, sloth bears, blue bulls and wild dogs. Other common animals are sambar ,Chital ,hog deer, barking deer ,langur, Striped hyena, palm civet, and Jungle cat, etc.

There are nearly 300 species of birds in the Reserve. The Giant Hornbill is one of the in dangerous species to found in certain forest places. Peafowl, redJungle fowl, flycatchers, and woodprckers are a few of the Other common birds found in the Reserve . The Reserve is accessible by bus via the Kathmandu-Birganj Highway or the Mahendra rajmarg .the Reserve headquarters are in 8 hours drive from Kathmandu. Simara airport is 7 K.m. away form the Reserve headquarters .it take only 15 minutes to reach Shimla from Kathmandu by plane.

For More Information, Contact

Reserve Headquarters Adhabar or Department of National Parks, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, P. O Box 860. Telephone: 220859, 220912, 227926

1 night
1 person300/-20/-
Elephant rides
1 hour
1 person
fee structure

Children below 10 years free entrance. flora and fauna of The Reserve are fully protected and must not be disturbed . Rubbish must be embodied for deposed of in a designated place.

(source: adapted from a leaflet producedby the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Nepal)

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