MBBS study -scope and offertunity

The middle-class family says, “Doctor is god”.I also in with because the doctor is caring for our life. it is a social service subject. Its research is also hard. Butn’t very hard. You can do that if you have a passion and hard work. Hard work isn’t a major key to success. but smart work and regular work is key to success.

Mbbs study
MBBS in Nepal

MBBS is a very demanded and highly paying subject. It can take around 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs in a government college and around 60 lakhs in a private college.

job opportunity is very very high. Pandemic situation doctor saves our life from coronavirus. the government needs a doctor to serve the public.

Another sector like Engineering, pilot it can study in government and private dual sector.

we can read the MBBS subject in 3 steps. they are mentioned below.

  • At first, you can pass out of 12 science with biology in 200 marks or different content subjects related to MBBS.
  • Then, you can give a common entrance examination of MBBS.
  • Lastly, if you passed then you able to read mbbs.

Job offertunity

MBBS subject is a high-demand subject. that I can say at the first of the blog. we all know about the current situation.so, it is best to subject to read in 2021.

The doctor is a social serving job in the world. Here, most of the people interested. when we say our Small children, what can we want to do in the future? They say, doctor, engineer, pilot. it is right. They can read to able 100%.

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