MCQs for medical students |Entrance Questions for IOM, Ag.


  • Total time to solve question is 10 minutes.
  • All the questions are taken from IOE past question.
  • If you did not know questions answer See at last. If you can not understant it contact us in contact page.
  • Make sure to do daily quiz in “Helplr”.
  • Daily live Quiz are found in daily 6:00AM.
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Quiz day-3

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Quiz day-2

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Quiz day-1

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Hello friends, I think you are preparing IOE entrance, Medical Entrance, and other like other examination after intermidiate level. In this time is very important to prepare the examination during corona pandemic.
In here you can solve some limited Important questions for your examination.Make sure to solve and checked your knowladge in here.

How to complete this Quiz?

•At fisrt click start button.
•Start to solve it.
•Click next button to get next question so on.
•At last click on submit button and your answer will checked.
•At last you can see you score.


•It is free avialable.
•Here most of questions are taken from past paper. so,it are very important for your upcoming examination.
•If you are not know question, can see at last.

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IOE entrance Preparation tips

Tips to prepare Entrance Exam

  1. Daily practise From different online like Helplr and Offline practise centre.
  2. Solve more question.
  3. Read multiple Books.
  4. Buy a premium course like Pi Academy
  5. Daily solve past question paper.
  6. Daily give test to predict your efficiency
  7. Read basic concept.
  8. Learn  basic computer .

Suggested:if you did not learn basic computer course. Don’t worry Learn to there.

Basic computer course

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