Newspaper Article Writing – Format, Parts and Example

A. Introduction

The term Newspaper Article writing refers to a piece of writing about an event or any particular subject matter in the magazine. It can be found in the form of story, news report and news article.

Newspaper Article writing

B. Parts of News Article


The headline of the news article is the tittle that shows the gist of the event and views of the public. It is mostly written in block capital letter, so as to catch the attention of reader.

For example



It is the name of writer/reporter who write the news.It is written just below the headline.

For example

By Kamal Oli

3. Dateline

It include two piece of information. Place and date .Name of the place and time or date should be mentioned beginning to write news article.

For Example

Kathmandu, feb 19,2021

4.Body of News Article

It includes the introduction, description and present statw of event or current situatiin. While the writing tge body of Newspaper Article ,the body should clearified that topics,details of description of how and why the event took place, should be mentioned in the description parts.


It shows the reader where the information in the newspaper comes from. The source may be a person or any newspaper agencies such as RSS ,PTI, Sin-hu-wa ,etc.

C. Example of Newspaper Article

source:The Himlayan Times

Hubby Murders Wife in Cold Blood

Kailali, Jun 5, 2020

In what seems an act of murder in cold blood.,Him Bahadur Nepali of Kailali Bhanjani Trishakti multiplicity has been nabbed by police on charge of killing his spouse.

According to the district police office in Kailali ,Nepali slit the throat of his 17 year old wife Aarti Nepali .The culprit took his wife to a nearby jungle and used a knife to slit her throat and later stabbed her leaving her death.

Nepali confessed that he took Aarti to the jungle and stabbed her into stomach while pretending to hug her before sliting her throat open.

Police primary investigation suggest that a dispute between the couple led to the cold blooded murder. The couple got married last year after a sucessful love affair.

After killing hus wife, the culprit spread rumors around the village that he and his wife were attacked by a stranger killing his wife.

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