Nuclear Energy and other Source of Energy

Some FAQ about Nuclear Energy and other Source of Energy

are given below.



1) What do you mean by renewable and non-renewable source of Energy?

The source of easily in short time which can be reproduced and can be continously used for long time are called the renewable sour -ces of energy Eg. nuclear energy, hydroenergy, bio-mass energy, geothermal energy, etc.

2) What are the mean by Energy Crisis?

The source of energy which can be reproduced easily in short time and can be used continuously for a long time are known as renewable source of energy.nuclear energy, hydro energy, biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy geothermal energy etc are the example of renewable source of energy.

3) what do you mean by energy crisis?

The rate of consumption of nonrenewable source of energy.nowadays, it is so high at that time. they cannot last a long time as a result. There will be a problem of energy resource type of shortage of essential energy of the earth is called energy crisis.To get rid of this problem we have to use renewable source of energy. for Nepal it will be better to solar and wind energy.

4) explain how can we reduce the energy crisis?
we can reduce the energy crisis by using following ways.

a) by decreasing the use of non renewable source of energy like petrol energy and diesel energy natural gas etc.
b) by increasing the use of solar energy and wind energy.
c) by increasing the use of biogas.
d) by controlling the population growth.
e) by using electricity.

5) why is the solar energy more preferable than fossil fuel energy?

solar energy is more preferable than poses fuel energy because solar energies are renewable source of energy . fossil fuel energy is non renewable source of energy .solar energy can be used continuously for a long time but if the fossil fuel energy is used continuously, it will be finished and it can be replaced .so,easily can quickly so it’s more users can create the energy crisis in the Solar Energy has to get rid of this problem.

6) what is ozone depletion?

chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and oxide of Nitrogen destroy the Ozone layer and this process is called the ozone depletion.When the ozone depletion take place it cannot absorb in the UV radiation from the sun. and inters in the earth atmosphere and can be caused many harmful effects.

7) what is ozone hole?

when chlorofluorocarbon and oxides of Nitrogen react with oxygen, the ozone depletion take place. The thickness of Ozone layer cause on decreasing .the region in the Ozone Layer where there is a difference of ozone is called Ozone hole.
, through this ozone hole UV radiation from the sun in Taurus in the earth’s atmosphere and cause many harmful effects.

8) what are two main factors on the Earth due to ozone depletion?

The ozone depletion takes place it makes the Ozone Layer thin and then UV radiation from the sun inters in the earth
.which makes many harmful effects some of them are as follows.
a) it reduces the rate of photosynthesis of plants and reduce the production of the crops.
b) it can cause the skin cancer.

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