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In this pandemic situation overall 2021, we heard the problem Oxygen Cylinder Shortage .People are dead due to shortage of ixygen in hospital. South Asian country like India, Nepal ,etc have much more problem of this.

At first we know, why we need oxygen in critical situation? When we affected by covid-19 then our emmunity power are decreases ,if we have low emmunity.but we have much more emmunity power then we easily goes to simple person.

At all about critical partiant of corona virus, who have less emmunity power.When we have in critical situation of corona virus infection then our lungs doesnot respone fully to work. Our body is this types when 5 minutes oxygen stops in our body Oxygen we will die. so, we need artificial system or external oxygen system.

More people are affected by corona virus and more partiants of corona virus needed oxygen. Oxygen are low amount ago. Then, its critical situation adapted in our earth.

First variant which developed from capital city beijing of china.But second variant of covid-19 which is developed in UK (united kingdom).Which are 50 to 60 times high reactive than first variant.

Second variant of corona virus is more people infected in South Asian country like India, Nepal, Pakstain, Bangladesh, etc. It is more reactive as well as it causes oxygen cylinder shortage. All of you I sugeest you stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

The demand of oxygen cylinder are highily increase are called Oxygen Cylinder Shortage. we are in clear about Oxygen Cylinder Shortage but people say oxygen shortage. What is oxygen shortage? ,it is most people have doubt about this.

Earth atomsphere have 17% oxygen.But why people say Oxygen Shortage?Can oxygen goes out in this situation?

No, it is not Oxygen Shortage ,it is an Oxygen Cylinder Shortage.When people have in critical situation, Lung haven’t 100% efficieny in critical situation of any deasies. The we need external oxygen to our body. Oxygen’s company have much efficieny to full fill the oxygen but doesn’t have oxygen cylinder. It is not easily to make Oxygen Cylinder.

Lastly we say all of you my friends and my respective people Stay safe in home. Daily do exercise like mediation of yoga, and others yoga, which increases your emmunity power. Stay home, stay safe, stay with yoga.

What is oxyen shortage?

When we are in critical situation of corona virus or any dieases lung haven’t work to oxygen is called Oxygen Shortage.

What is Oxygen Cylinder Shortage?

The demand of oxygen cylinder are highily increase are called Oxygen Cylinder Shortage.

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