What do you meant by Shunt? Describe its use in converting a Galvanometer into Ammeter.

Shunt To convert galvanometer into ammeter, a very low resistance is connected in parallel with Galvanometer coil. so that Maximum current can flow through it is called shunt. Uses of Shunt 1. To provide an alternative path for excess current. 2. To convert galvanometer into ammeter. 3. To limit the current in galvanometer. Galvanometer A … Read more

Establish Relation Between Drift Velicity and Current Density

Due to Drift Velocity ,current are flowing in a conductor. In metal ,conduction of electricity is due to randomly moving electrons.In the absence of electric field,the average velocity of electron is zero. so ,there is no electric current in a conductor. When electric field in applied across the conductor,those electrons acquire a constant velocity of … Read more

Computer Basic Course in 2021/pdf

In this text we have know about the Basic Computer course.In here we cover following topics ; 1.Computer 2.Ms Paint 3.Microsoft Word 4.Micrososf Excel 5.Microsoft power point Without any delay let’s begin it. In here computer basic course Session we start first term Computer. 1.COMPUTER DEVICE  Input: keyboard  mouse   processing; c.p.u Output; monitor  Q.1 what … Read more

MCQs for medical students |Entrance Questions for IOM, Ag.

Intruction Total time to solve question is 10 minutes. All the questions are taken from IOE past question. If you did not know questions answer See at last. If you can not understant it contact us in contact page. Make sure to do daily quiz in “Helplr”. Daily live Quiz are found in daily 6:00AM. … Read more

Class 12 Meaning into Words Notes chapter 1-3

 Class 12 English  Meaning into Words   Content in PDF Hello guys in these tutorials I will give a proper note of “Class 12 Meaning into words chapter 1 to chapter 3 PDF “.Here you can see this Pdf get knowledge about Meaning into words class 12.Many people want to Pdf format notes because it … Read more

Corona virus symptoms and COVID-19 CRUCIAL INFORMATION

General Information About covid-19 WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THE 2ND PHASE OF LOCKDOWN………* *COVID-19 CRUCIAL INFORMATION* ◉ Due to the collapse of the health system, we, the health professionals, have prepared this message for the people, in case you do not want to risk going to the hospital immediately. learnmore Symptoms ◉ … Read more

6 ways to earn money Online|Money in online

Hello guys today, I will explain Hoo earn money online without any investment money and hard work. There are no few ways to earn money online, today I will show you 10 way to earn money online from you respective house. Without wasting any more time. There are many ways to earn money online but … Read more