Pilot Study – 6 steps to make sucessful pilot in 2021

One of the most popular and most wanted subject of world is Pilot study. But it isn’t easiy subject and not easiy to go through it. It is a heart blowing work and subject.

In first stage, you are prepared physically fit and psychologically healthy. It is a simple and natural like things.

Pilot study for Nepalese students
Pilot study
Become a pilot in 6 Steps

You can make pilot is three steps which are given below.


At the first step is you need clear about that. You can make you powerful psychologically to flying aeroplane in atmosphere.

2.Ability(Amplitude, personlity & Education)

a) Amplitude

In pilot subject Amplitude, personility and medical are like a entrance door. You can give amplitude test like Engineering and Medical entrance examination. but contents is different.

b) Personility

Second stage of ability is Personility check. In here you can fit about that.

c) Education

Education is the last stage of ability test of ongoing pilot study.it requires that, you are +2 science student with Math and physics in each 200 marks.it means that you read Math in class 11 and 12 because physics is compulsory in science.

Personally, I suggest you read properly in class 11 and 12 Because it is important role in Pilot study. it helps you to become a best and sucessful pilot in the world.

3.Medical Report

Medical report is important steps of Pilot. healty and fits people are priroty in here.

I suggest a parents who want study their son pilot subject.This childreen you can care from small stage.


To read this subject minimun Nepali rupee 1 crore are required for nepali students. Because this subject isn’t avialable in nepal. Nepali students mainly goes to philippins, US to study piolet.


When you passed out from practical (training) and theorical exams.Then you give a exam in respective country to get License. It is required every subject who doing anything in their knowladge .


Last steps to work in pilot is posting in airlines. It make you a sucessful pilot in 2021.

Thank you!

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