X-rays/Defintion, Production,properties and Uses of X-rays

X-rays are the electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength ranging from 10^-12 to 10^-9 .According to penetration power of X-Ray ,there are two category of X-rays , soft x-ray and hard x-ray.

#Shoft X-ray: shoft X-ray is comparatively lower frequency ,lower penetration power and higher wavelength.

#Hard X-ray:Hard X-ray is comparatively higher frequency, higher penetration power and lower wavelength.

X-rays can be produced by two method.

  1. By the bombardment of fast moving electron in the targeted metal of high atomic weight and high melting point.
  2. By deaccelerating charged particles heavily in the short time.

Mechanism of Production

A fast moving electron collides with electron of inner Orbit , electron ejected from inner orbit and vacancy is created in the inner orbit ,in order to fulfill the vacancy of the inner Orbit.

Electron will suffer transitation from outer orbit with the reference of Bohr’s postulate ,during the transitation from outer orbit to inner orbit ,radiation of certain range of wavelength are emitted. These newly emitted radiation are refered as X-rays.

Properties of X-rays

  • X-rays are the electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength ranging from 10^-12m to 10^-9m.
  • They can travel in vaccum with speed equal to light.
  • X-rays can be produced by the collision of fast moving electron on the targeted metal.
  • They can produced photographic effect, photoelectric effect, flurocent effect, heating effect and ionization effect.
  • X-rays can obey the law of refraction, law of transmission, law of absorbtionand law of polarization.

Uses of X-rays

X ray white application in many fields such as

1) In Medical field

a) Radiography:

Radiotherapy is the process of killing diseases or cancerous cell by exposing fix intensity over of X-rays over them.

b) Diagnosis:

Diagnosis is the process of finding the dieases or other things such ad pnemonia, ulser, cancer, TV, factur of bonee and presences of foregin body by examining photography of internal human organ. X-rays can passed through the flash of person but not penetrates the bone x-rays can be used to photigraphy of human organ.

2)In Detective Department

X-ray can be used in detective departmenpt of airport to examine Contraband or smuggling goods such as weapons ,explosive c things drugs medicine ,gold as extra.

3)In Engineering Field

X-rays can be used in engineering filed to study industrial mechanic and find engibeering structure.

4)Research Field:

X-rays is used research laboratory to study crystals structure of DNA and RNA.

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